Weather you need a Webserver – Email Server – VPS – or a custom solution … we got you covered.


A Web Server is one of the Primary servers that you need if you want a website. Installing and configuring it can be a daunting task. You will need a HTTP server, most likely PHP, Python and MYQSL packages installed. After that you will most likely require a caching system, and compression package.

A Email server is not a mysterious thing, in fact it is very simple It is just a server connected to the internet ruing dovecoat, postfix or any number of Email programs. The installation can be kind of hard, if you do not know how to configure the server.  The trick is to configure your DNS records so that Google, Yahoo, Hotmail (and the rest) do not reject your email as SPAM or Junk it before it even gets to the recipients email account.

A VPS or Virtual Private Server your very own hosting Platform. It will be soley controlled by your Webmaster, who can create a Email server – Web Server – or a custom solution like NODE JS on it. The options are endless. The kind of VPS you require would need to be discussed with your Server Administrator / Webmaster.

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A email server is a server that has specialized and Custom configurations on it.