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Online services and Payments

This is always a big discussion, Should a webmaster pay for online services or not ? I believe that a good webmaster should pay for these, or at least be responsible for supervising monthly or weekly payments.

A webmaster is a person of trust, therefore should have access to the companies credit card, Paypal or online payment system. Although Accountants are (or should) be able to process online payments, It really falls to the webmaster to process these.

The real issue here is how much do you trust your webmaster ? This is a hard question to answer. I suggest creating a separate webmaster Debit Card.

  • This Debit card should always be in the name of the company, and never in the mane of the Webmaster.
  • Another point is that all Services should be in the mane of the company, and never in the name of the webmaster.
  • All service emails should point to the companies email address i.e. domain names, server accounts, Paypal etc.

Once these 3 steps are in the clear, The webmaster can be trusted or at least begin to earn the long road to become a valued and trusted member of your companies team !

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