You may ask what this is and what it entails

Actually its rather complex and it covers the very basics what a webmaster does. The Webmaster makes sure that the Website site or  Email server is one hundred percent compatible with its server and runs smoothly and speedily.

It could for instance be that XYZ email server is compatible with Lightspeed but your website may not be. It is more often than not, quite a task to understand why – and as the old adage goes, Fixing something is quite different than understanding it.

Here is where the good webmaster will find alternatives, the bad one will just say “It works for me !!!”,I personally despise the latter.

It the compatibility issue did not exist before, but appeared out of thin air, it is probably due to an update. Whether this was intentional or just a “regular” automated server update. Whatever the case may be, your Webmaster should have seen this coming a mile away and taken precautions.

The other aspect is speed, whether it concerns a CDN or cashing with internal mechanisms, and eye has to kept on these aspects at all times. Tests have to be run to ensure that your website speed constantly below a one and a half second load time


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