Lets start at the very beginning, or in this case the ending of this blog title.

Conversion rate … what is that.

Most clients believe a conversion is a individual which buys your product, this is not true. A conversion occurs as soon as potential client voices interest, either by making contact, phoning you, emailing you or simply asking a question about your product. A normal conversion rate is between 1 and 2 percent, anything higher is considered good very good, hitting the 5 percent mark is considered excellent.

So all in all consider this:

Lets assume you get 200 Unique visitors a day, which at a conversion rate of 2 percent, results in 4 queries a day. Extrapolate that over one year and you will get 1400 converted hits. NOW lets say that you reach a rate of 3.5 percent, all of a  sudden you get 2562 converted hits.  which could yield 1800 or more sales. This is because the browsing for a article has changed.

In the past you went to 10  shops, inquired about the product and bought one from the 10 shops. Nowadays you surf the net (producing hits and page views) reading all you can, before making your purchasing decision. You express your eagerness to buy, and depending on the tone,  skill and knowledge of the customer support, you usually buy. That is why the lead to sale is (with good support – sales team) about 70 if not more percent.

This is another reason to write good and well thought out descriptions of  your products, the more you go into detail, the less the individual may want to search around.

Unique and site  specific article writing undoubtedly one of the most important aspects,  along with the item description, will peak the clients interest, and less inclined do do yet another search.



A good to excellent conversion rate depends on your article details and knowledgeable staff.


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