Webmaster Services

This is our main service, starting from webserver / email server creation and management

  • Do you need a Dedicated or shared webserver
  • Do you need a Email server with unlimited accounts
  • Do you need a CRM (development not included)

Website Optization

another one of those endless lists, The for and foremost being page sped, Picture compression and of course monitoring

  • Speed optimization / monitoring
  • Picture Compression / Resizing
  • Java script / CSS compression
  • Gzip iInstall / Optimize


Search Engine Optimization. This is a subject where books have been written about.

  • Keywords
  • Interlinking
  • H1, H2, H3, meta tags updates
  • Management of Analysis and tools.

Content Management

Content management cover everything from creating new articles, editing old ones, creating pictures, resizing pictures and much much more

  • Picture SEO
  • Picture resize upload rename
  • Create specific article text
  • Interlinking Pages